Hickory Crowl
Tor Assassin Hunter

'A jaw-dropping cracker of a book.' Eclipse Magazine

'My body is not the body I had before I travelled to China. Teeth now crowd my jaw, I can spot deer in the woods from half a mile away, and to me, the tiny feet of mice no longer patter, they boom like trampling elephants. I am changing. A volcano of fury is stirring, trapped only by the thinnest crust of skin and willpower. The spirit of the hamrammr is in my blood... EVIL BECKONS!'

The year is 1870. Major Tor, a mercenary and deadly sniper, is called from battle and ordered to stop Locust, a SWARM assassin who is planning to murder the King of Sweden.

From the rubble and watery craters of France to the shadowy corridors and tunnels of Stockholm's old castle, Tor must discover who the assassin is and stop his, or her plan to throw a country into a barbaric and bloody war.

Accompany him if you dare into a world of bayonets and bullets, where the enemy's sword is forever chasing his shadow. But remember this, when you hunt assassins...


'So many twists, I felt dizzy.' Bookworm